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ESD Program Management. G T Danglemeyer 2nd Ed. Klewer 1999
A realistic approach to continuous measurable improvement in static control

Any ESD professional will find this excellent book a worthwhile addition to their bookshelf. The book is will be particularly valuable to those who are working within the American ESD S20:20 standard. Readers working with EN 61340-5-1 may find some differences with European standard practices.

The contents include:

  • Twelve critical factors in ESD program management

  • Common myths

  • Implementing an ESD control program: the basic steps

  • Fundamentals of electrostatics

  • Economic benefits: Seven convincing case studies

  • Designed-in protection and product testing

  • ESD test facilities

  • Realistic requirements

  • Common problems in smaller companies

  • Guidelines for smaller companies: an innovative audit system

  • Using auditing results to manage an ESD program

  • Statistical process control and ISO-9000

  • Material characterisation and auditing measurements

  • Training for measureable goals

  • Training demonstrations

  • Packaging considerations

  • Automation

  • Strategic and economic benefits



The ESD Guide

Our on-line guide to ESD prevention in electronics manufacture, using the new 61340-5-1 standard. Check out some of the key requirements.

Find out how we can help with your ESD program needs!