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ESD Seminars and training courses

ESD Training can be an excellent investment. We can provide you with

  • open "public" seminars and training

  • custom seminars or training tailored to your needs

  • on your site

  • off site at some convenient location.

Our seminars are based on

  • live static electricity demonstrations to raise awareness

  • "hands on" exercises for delegates (where appropriate)

  • published research on ESD topics

  • best practice as enshrined in the 61340-5-1 and ESDA S20.20 standards

  • our own unpublished reseach and consulting experience

Each delegate receives a Certificate of Attendance and comprehensive seminar notes for future reference. Why not get in touch to discuss your requirements?

We run an increasing program of seminars and courses. Our current schedule includes:


The Reality of ESD - Working in an EPA

ESD Awareness Course for personnel from a wide range of roles and backgrounds who have to work within an EPA, from Operators to Engineers or Managers.


Small facility ESD day

If you have a small electronics facility and only a few people, then our combined consultancy and ESD Training package may be for you. Our Consultant spends a half day discussing your ESD facility issues, and then presents "The reality of ESD" to your staff. More information on the Small Facility ESD day...


Custom Seminars for your requirements

Do you need an ESD seminar tailored to your own requirements? We can do it - on-site at your facility, or as an away-day. Please get in touch to discuss the details.



Achieving a highly effective ESD Program

ESD Management seminar.

Learn how to specify, optimise and maintain an effective ESD program to modern ESD standards.

The Reality of ESD

On-site seminar for personnel who need ESD awareness training.

Live ESD demonstrations!

The Reality of ESD - Refresher

A shorter version of our Reality of ESD seminar - great for refresher training.

Custom Seminars

Call us to discuss your ESD seminar needs!