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Recommended books on ESD and electrostatics

Here, in no particular order, are a selection of our recommended books. We'll be adding to them from time to time, so don't forget to bookmark the page and come back again!

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Printed Circuit Board Design Techniques for EMC Compliance: A Handbook for Designers
Mark Montrose

An excellent book for those interested in EMC design of PCBs including Introduction, Printed circuit board basics, Bypassing and decoupling, Clock circuits, trace routing and terminations, Interconnects and I/O, Electrostatic discharge protection, Backplanes, ribbon cables and daughter cards, and Additional design techniques.

EMC for Product Designers
Tim Williams

A very useful practical book on EMC design. It covers Introduction, Standards, Emissions measurements, Immunity tests, Interference coupling mechanisms, Layout and grounding, Digital and analog circuit design, Interfaces filtering and shielding, EMC management.

Electrostatics: Principles, Problems and Applications.
Jean Cross

This is an excellent general textbook on electrostatics and its applications. It includes chapters on theory, electrification of solids and liquids, measurements and instrumentation, electrostatics in gas filtration, miscellaneous applications, hazards and problems.

Report on the Risk of Static Ignition During Vehicle Refuelling: A Study of the Available Relevant Research

Institute of Petroleum, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Ltd (SMMT) and UK Petroleum Industry Association (UKPIA).

IP, SMMT and UKPIA commissioned this report after a number of fires at petrol filling stations outside of the UK were attributed to ignition of vapour by electrostatic discharges..

The report identifies key strategies for ensuring that vehicles and station facilities are constructed in such a way as to minimise the risk. This report will be of interest to all those involved in the design of vehicles, design and operation of petrol filling station facilities, and concerned with the safety of personnel on forecourts.

Evaluation of Shielding Packaging for Prevention of Electrostatic Damage to Sensitive Electronic Components

J M Smallwood et al.

Shielding bags are widely used in the electronics manufacturing industry to protect sensitive electronic components and assemblies from ESD. The performance of these bags is uncertain. Test methods have until recently been unreliable, and pass/fail criteria have been poorly defined.

This report provides a review and appraisal of the standards in use for specification and testing of the performance of a range of currently available shielding bags, and an evaluation of a recent standard test method for demonstrating shielding bag performance.

ESD Program Management
G T Danglemeyer 2nd Ed. Klewer 1999

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Any ESD professional will find this excellent book a worthwhile addition to their bookshelf.

The contents include:

  • Twelve critical factors in ESD program management

  • Common myths

  • Implementing an ESD control program: the basic steps

  • Fundamentals of electrostatics

  • Economic benefits: Seven convincing case studies

  • Designed-in protection and product testing

  • ESD test facilities

  • Realistic requirements

  • Common problems in smaller companies

  • Guidelines for smaller companies: an innovative audit system

  • Using auditing results to manage an ESD program

  • Statistical process control and ISO-9000

  • Material characterisation and auditing measurements

  • Training for measureable goals

  • Training demonstrations

  • Packaging considerations

  • Automation

  • Strategic and economic benefits


The ESD Guide

Our on-line guide to ESD prevention in electronics manufacture, using the new 61340-5-1 standard. Check out some of the key requirements.

Find out how we can help with your ESD program needs!