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Designing an effective ESD Programme....

An effective ESD programme has three aspects;

  • Appropriate ESD measures, specified in an ESD Programme document

  • ESD Training for all personnel involved

  • A verification programme, to monitor the compliance of the ESD facilities and operations with the ESD Programme

The ESD Programme is the document which specifies the requirements of the ESD prevention measures. This is often a Standard such as EN61340-5-1, or an in-house document.

ESD Training is required so that all personnel who are involved are aware of ESD risks and how to avoid them. They also need to know what equipment, materials and procedures are acceptable in and ESD protected area, and any process specific aspects.

A poorly trained person presents the greatest source of ESD risk. A trained person can become the greatest defence against ESD.

The compliance of all aspects of the ESD equipment, procedures and training must be checked at regular intervals, otherwise gradual deterioration can be expected. Equipment will fail after a time, non-compliant materials and equipment will stray into an EPA. Static awareness and correct use of procedures will tend to gradually fade unless reinforced by refresher training.

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