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News items and case studies of fires and explosions due to static electricity

Gasoline station fire

Film of fire in Duncan, USA, with comments by the well known static electricity expert Steve Fowler of Fowler Associates.

Static spark ignites explosion inside flammable liquid storage tank

See video on UTube

CSB Case study No. 2007-06-I-KS

Static spark ignites flammable liquid during portable tank filling operation

CSB Case Study No. 2008-02-1-1A (September 2008)

Static caused glue factory fire

BBC News item 15th May 2007

BMW recalls new mini

BBC News item 3rd September 2001

Need expert advice for ATEX assessment?

Why not have an Electrostatic site survey with report?


Static shocks and how to avoid them

Read our on-line article on, well, ...static shocks and how to avoid them!


Why static charge builds up on people.


Links to electrostatic hazard articles on the web.