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Static electricity can cause fires and explosions where flammable atmospheres such as solvent vapours or dust clouds can occur. In other environments, static electricity build-up on personnel can cause nuisance shocks. In some cases these could become a Health and Safety issue, for example where hot fluids are being handled and a static shock could cause inadvertent recoil.

NOTE: Static electricity is a highly variable phenomenon, and the assessment of hazard is a highly specialist activity. Expert advice should be sought before applying electrostatic techniques or preventative measures. Any suspected electrostatic hazard should be fully assessed by a competent consultant as a matter of the highest priority. Electrostatic Solutions accepts no liability for any incident arising from application of the information in this site.

Avoiding electrostatic spark explosion hazards

Electrostatic Solutions provides advisory services for the avoidance of electrostatic spark explosion hazards;

  • design for static risk avoidance

  • site surveys

  • identification and evaluation of risk sources

  • standards advisory service

Do you...

  • Need expert advice for ATEX risk assessment?

  • Need to understand electrostatic problems you are experiencing?

  • Need ESD training for yourself or your personnel?

  • need advice about current electrostatic hazards avoidance best practice and standards?

We can provide

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Reducing electrostatic discharge nuisance in shops, offices, homes, cars and other environments

Electrostatic Solutions provides consultancy services for avoidance of static electricity nuisance in working and living environments;

  • design for avoiding nuisance static electricity

  • site surveys, identifying key sources of static electricity

  • evaluation of furniture and flooring

  • evaluation of trolleys and other vehicles

  • standards advisory service

Static electricity fire and explosion case studies


Need expert advice for ATEX assessment?

Why not have an Electrostatic site survey with report?


Static shocks and how to avoid them

Read our on-line article on, well, ...static shocks and how to avoid them!


Why static charge builds up on people.


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