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Electrostatic Solutions Ltd worked with ERA Technology Ltd in the CEC Brite Euram Project ELREC, developing new technology for electrostatic separation of packaging waste, especially;

  • plastics waste from Swedish  and Spanish MSW

  • plastics film and paper from UK MSW

  • paper grades from Greek waste papers

Materials can be separated by a variety of electrostatic properties.  This is finding new applications in recycling, but can also be used for a wide variety of applications. Some applications that have been demonstrated are;

  • plastics from papers

  • different types of papers

  • PE from PP

  • PVC from PET

  • fire retardent ABS from non- fr ABS

  • metals and plastics from cable scrap

Download article featuring the ELREC project (.pdf, 978kb). This article was reproduced from Eureka magazine's August 2001 issue. Click here to visit the Eureka web site.

Download the ELREC Report (1.3 Mb) in pdf format. This gives full information about the project and results, with photos of the pilot plant and some of the samples.

The ELREC Partners are:

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