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Welcome to Electrostatic Solutions Ltd, the UK based ESD and static electricity consultancy, training, test and measurement, research and development centre.

Please browse around, and get in touch if we can be of assistance.

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Avoid ESD in electronics manufacture and optimise your ESD program

We can help you get the best of your investment in electrostatic damage prevention, or troubleshoot any problems.


Avoid fires and explosions due to static electricity

If you need help assessing electrostatic fire and explosion risks and safety of processes, we can help.



Eliminate nuisance static shocks to personnel and other electrostatic problems

If you're suffering this problem we can help you identify the causes and possible solutions.



Develop new technologies using static electricity

Yes, static electricity can be useful too!

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A question of static or ESD?

We can help!



Institute of Physics endorsed training provider

ESD Seminar "Achieving a highly successful ESD Program".

"Your technical explanations were clear and therefore the practical sessions were a breeze" Xanadu Hewitt, Overview Ltd.

The ESD Guide

Our on-line guide to ESD prevention in electronics manufacture, using the new 61340-5-1 standard.

Find out how we can help with your ESD program needs!

Photo of ESD damage on an integrated circuit

ESD damage to electronic devices

Photographs of microscopic ESD damage to electronic components, that caused them to fail.


Static shocks and how to avoid them

Suffering from static shocks? Find out why they happen, and what you can do about it.
Read about why static charge builds up on people!


Static Consultant's Notebook

Our own Dr Jeremy Smallwood has started to blog.....!