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Responsibilities of personnel

Responsibilities of all personnel

All personnel handling sensitive devices has responsibility to be aware of the ESD threat to reliability of electronic products. They have prime responsibility to implement and maintain ESD prevention measures. Any failure to do so should be reported to the ESD Co-ordinator.

All personnel aer xpected to inform the ESD Co-ordinator of any unsatisfactory measures, and suggest improvements or corrective actions if appropriate. 

General Management responsibilities

61340-5-1 places responsibility for implementation of the guidelines of the Technical Report in the hands of General Management. They are also ultimately responsible for making sure that all aspects of ESDS handling are carried out, including;

  • Maintaining a register of trained personnel
  • Providing appropriate training for all personnel 
  • Ensuring inspection, supervision and maintenance of EPA facilities are carried out

The General Management bear the responsibility for appointment of the site ESD Co-ordinator. A named ESD Co-ordinator is required for each site. They must be given total Management back-up, and adequate resources and authority.  

ESD Co-ordinator responsibilities

The ESD Co-ordinator is responsible to the Management for all site ESD matters. This includes;

  • Ensuring that a copy of the ESD Program or 61340-5-1 standard is available to all relevant personnel
  • Specifying and maintaining a list of ESD equipment
  • Making sure ESD training is adequate and conforms to the requirements 
  • Maintaining a list of trained personnel
  • Ensuring that all equipment and procedures conform to the standard
  • Inspection, maintenance and verifying conformance of the EPA
  • Making ESD program tailoring decisions when required
  • Giving assistance when required

The ESD Co-ordinator has responsibility for making certain technical decisions in tailoring the implementation of the ESD Program:

  • Defining the boundaries of Electrostatic Protected Areas (EPA)
  • Defining and selecting equipment for use within the EPA
  • Construction and certification of EPAs
  • Deciding which (if any) of the recommended measures are not required
  • Deciding the frequency of certain audit actions

The ESD Co-ordinator can appoint deputies if required. 

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Site ESD Healthcheck

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Where to get standards

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