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ESD Training

IEC61340-5-1 specifies that as a minimum, initial and recurrent ESD training shall be provided for all personnel who handle or come into contact with ESD susceptible devices (ESDS). Initial training must be provided before personnel handle ESDS.

Download our Technical Brief on ESD Training.

ESD Training Plan

It is a requirement of 61340-5-1 that an ESD Training Plan must be written. The ESD Training Plan must define

  • the personnel that are required to have ESD training

  • the type and frequency of training

  • a requirement for maintaining training records

  • where the records are stored.

  • methods used to ensure trainee comprehension and training adequacy

In practice, it is often a good idea to give ESD Training, appropriate to their job, to a wider range of personnel. For example

  • The ESD Coordinator and other personnel invoilved with setting up, maintaining and evaluating the ESD Program may need in-depth training on the principles and practice of ESD control, measurement methods, auditing techniques and other topics.

  • Cleaners may need training on specific cleaning methods for ESD control floors or work surfaces - and what not to touch in an EPA!

  • Managers may need training on the background and need for ESD Control and other topics related to their role.

  • Anyone who enters the EPA needs some sort of training - even if it's a simple do's and don'ts (e.g. for visitors) and instruction to wear appropriate ESD control garments or foot grounders - and not to touch things that shouldn't be touched!

An ESD training course normally includes;

  • Basic understanding of electrostatic charging and ESD

  • Special handling procedures and equipment used in the EPA

  • Wearing and testing personal grounding equipment

  • Identification of ESDS and understanding of ESDS sensitivity

  • The requirements of the ESD Program

  • ESD and safety requirements e.g. High voltage precautions

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